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花うさぎ #のせうさぎ #usagi #rabbit #bunny #konatsu  ※桜は、落ちていた花です。
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Anonymous said: damn that ass!!! oh how id love to spank it and throw you around some. unnfff


Anonymous said: Already had sex today? You say it like you have a once a day limit! Lol have all the sex!!!

haha okay tmi so don’t read if you don’t want to

but i have a really small vagina and joe is rather large and i usually swell pretty badly and i can barely have sex every day but i’ve been working on it plus i have all my new products from my passion parties and it’s been getting better :)

here’s the link if you want to shop online *wink wink* www.yourpassionista.com

Anonymous said: I am a girl btw, butI am probably too young for you to want to do anything with me. The idea of watching your bf (who is also very sexy) dominate you, really turns me on

awh you should come off anon :) as long as you’re 18+ it’s fine with me. 

Joe is trying to work on being more dominant but for complicated reasons it’s a slow process.